Personal illustration. Owls represent wisdom, change, transformation and trusting the mystery of life. They are tied to the spiritual symbolism of ‘death’ which brings about new beginnings and a higher understanding of one’s being. The Owl is associated with the Greek Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Fish on the other hand, represent the unconscious, feelings and motives. They can serve as a metaphor for deeper awareness. Water brings life and all the creatures living beneath symbolize fertility, birth and rebirth. Together the owl and the fish both represent rebirth but on the other ends of the spectrum. This illustration in bold pink, red and blue beautifully captures the symbolic meaning of these special animals.

Fine art limited Edition print of 30, 50×70 cm, available at my shop: • Édition d’art limitée à 30 ex. 50×70 cm, disponible sur ma boutique :


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15th December 2021