Passengers I, II

Personal illustrations about Passengers in the French metro. Ever since the first underground railway opened in 1863 in London, the metro has become an important means of public transportation and one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around a city. Day in, day out people in almost all major cities use the metro to get to work, visit friends and family or go to museums, bars and restaurants. Did you know that the Paris Métro is the second busiest metro system in Europe, after the Moscow Metro? No wonder there is always something interesting to observe. This series of illustrations portraying people traveling with the Paris Métro is both truly recognizable as well as positively unique.

Fine art limited Edition print of 30, 50×70 cm, available at my shop: • Édition d’art limitée à 30 ex. 50×70 cm, disponible sur ma boutique :


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10th January 2022