Call for testimonies

Passionate about colours and the depths of the mind, and the symbolic representations that arise when we are asleep, I am launching a booklet project on the theme of Dreams & Nightmares.

These nocturnal images, often fleeting, are forgotten when we jump out of bed, but some of you may have a precise recollection of them, or have taken care to write them down. Visions, scenes or stories, often incoherent, sometimes absurd or surreal, which are full of emotions reflecting our inner world: with this editorial project, I would like to propose a visual translation of your dream imagery according to my sensibility.

As an artist for twenty years, I create vibrant and colourful illustrations inspired by art, movies and myths. I explore Nature and human nature through compositions that re-enchant the world and underline its marvelous and mysterious dimension. This collection of dreams will allow me to explore the universality of this nocturnal imagery and to highlight the collective aspects of our unconscious.

In view of this project, I would like to collect the story of your dreams and/or nightmares.

If you are interested, you just have to pitch me one of your dreams, in a paragraph of 10 lines minimum. You can propose up to three by email or via the form below.

Your stories, if selected, will be listed in the artist’s booklet with your name or can remain anonymous if you wish. The texts will be sent to you for proofreading before publication, and you will receive a PDF copy of the booklet when it is completed.

The booklet is scheduled for publication in 2023.

« Dreams live their lives as dreams and their reality arises from ours like the shadow from the light. »

Alain Foix, writer and playwright from Guadeloupe (from Venus and Adam)

If you have any questions, please contact us at or via the form below.

I look forward to reading you and illustrating your dreams!

PS: Do not hesitate to pass on this message to people around you who might be interested.

Maite Leon


    Maite Leon is a French-Greek artist and illustrator who lives and works in Paris. Her dreamlike universe is inspired by dreams, myths and symbols in pop colours. She exhibits and publishes her work in the press and publishing industry. She has also worked for the newspaper Le Monde with French cartoonist Plantu, for eleven years.