Maite Leon
artist & illustrator
I create illustrations in a search of depth, balance, aesthetic and expressing vibrant emotions through colors. I explore and get inspired by the various representations of our reality in art, films, myths, stories, dreams, visions and symbols. My goal is to make feel-good images that we can all relate to and enjoy.
Maite Leon grew up in Athens, Greece, with bright colors, bold shadows, a smell of iode and turpentine: her father and grand-father were Marine painters. Greek mythology has always been a great source of inspiration for her as well as the works of Carl G. Jung on archetypes and the collective unconscious. Through her art and illustrations, she aims to reach our inner depth and share emotions through aesthetic, texture and color. She loves contemporary dance, food, animals and humans. She enjoys playing tennis and improvising. She likes the uncanny and the mysterious, tarot cards and oracles. She draws, paints, scans and mixes everything in Photoshop. She works for press, magazines, publishing and publicity.
She has also worked with French Press Cartoonist Plantu for 11 years at Newspaper le Monde and has archived his collection of more than 25,000 original cartoons, now stored at the French National Library (BnF).